We supply the highest quality products to restaurants in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.


Pepper Black Butcher 5lb.: One of the most widely used spices in the world today. Butcher black pepper has a less pungent flavor than regular black pepper. The pepper plant is cultivated throughout Indonesia and has been introduced into parts of Africa and the Western Hemisphere. Turro Foods Butcher Black Pepper is available in 5lb. quantities.

Pepper Black Ground Table 5lb.: Table pepper is made from the fruit of pepper plant, the peppercorn. Turro Foods uses the best ground pepper sources available making a spicy well flavored seasoning. Available in 5lb. quantities.

Garlic Salt 8lb.: Using a premium blend of garlic seasonings our garlic salt adds an authentic Italian flavoring to any dish. Available in 8lb. quantities.

Garlic Granulated 5lb.: We produce our Granulated Garlic using the finest fresh garlic available. Our Granulated Garlic is perfect for cooking and general flavoring of most dishes. Available in 5lb. quantities.

Basil Leaves 2lb.: Basil leaves are a herb from the mint family and produce a licorice-clove flavor. Our dried basil is an ideal seasoning from many sauces and gravies. Available in 2lb. quantities.

Thyme 10oz.: Thyme is a base flavoring used in many traditional Italian dishes. Use to flavor meats, soups, gravies or stews. Available in 10oz. quantities.

Pepper Red Crushed 4lb.: Hot and spicy our Red Pepper is made only from the finest ingredients. An excellent topping for pizza and provides some heat for any dish. Available in 4lb. quantities.

Rosemary 8oz.: Commonly used to flavor chicken dishes. Our ground dried Rosemary is available in 8oz. quantities.

Celery Seed 16oz.: Use to add a warm flavor with a slightly bitter aftertaste to your favorite dishes. The Celery Seed is a member of the parsley family. Available in 16oz. quantities.

Cajun Seasoning Low Salt 20oz.: We mix several types of herbs and seasonings to produce our low salt Cajun Seasoning. Available in 20oz. quantities.

Parsley Flakes 12oz.: Another common seasoning used in Italian dishes and goes well with chicken, eggplant, fish, game, lentils, mussels, pasta, potatoes, rice, seafood, tomatoes, zucchini and lemon. Available in 12oz. quantities.

Oregano 2lb.: A staple of Italian-American cooking. Available in 2lb. quantities.

Onion Granulated 24oz.: Available in 24oz. quantities.

Steak Grilling Seasoning 32oz.: The perfect complement to a grilled Sirloin or Filet. Our Steak Grilling Seasoning adds the perfect flavor to your favorite steak. Available in 32oz. quantities.

Chicken Honey Herb 24oz.: A simple yet effective herb to infuse your chicken and poultry dishes with a pleasantly sweet flavor. Available in 24oz. quantities.

Peppercorns White 16oz.: Our white peppercorns are hand chosen for their flavor and quality. Available in 16oz. quantities.

Garlic Powder 5lb.: Available in 5lb. quantities.

Pepper White Ground 16oz.: A fantastic white pepper for general seasoning. Available in 16oz. quantities.

Mozzarella - Whole Milk (Lido Brand): Our very own Lido Brand mozzarella. Made with whole milk this has to be tasted to be believed. Please contact us to inquire about quantities.

Mozzarella - Part Skim (Lido Brand): Made using skim milk. Please contact us to inquire about quantities.

Pepperoni Liguaria: Old world style sausage redwood aged to perfection. The way pepperoni was meant to taste.

Pizza Bacon Topping Liguaria: Incredibly flavorful and the perfect bacon topping for any pizza.

American Cheese: We offer our American Cheese, perfect for a host of sandwiches and hoagies. Quality production methods and ingredients produce a flavorful cheese.

Provolone (Domestic or Imported): Provolone originated in the southern regions of Italy where it is still produced today. An ideal addition to sandwiches and various dishes.

Mamma Anna Pizza Sauce Super X Heavy: A Turro Foods specialty product. Our Mama Anna Pizza Sauce is made with the finest ingredients producing a rich balanced flavor with a slightly sweet taste. Combine with our Lido Mozzarella for the start of a great pie.

Crushed Tomatoes: Our crushed tomatoes are a great start to several dishes.

Mama Anna Plum California San Marrazano Tomatoes: Another Turro Foods specialty product. Only the best California plum tomatoes are chosen for our product.

Mushrooms Imported 6/10 Cans: Imported Mushrooms.

Pomace Olive Oil: A standard olive oil that can be used in a variety of cooking applications.

Compound Blended Oil: Use on sandwiches, salads and in cooking.

40% Extra Virgin Blended (Nonno Nino): Our own Nonno Nino is a high quality extra virgin blend.

25% Blended Oil: Perfect for a variety of dishes.

Pomace Olive Oil: A standard olive oil that can be used in a variety of cooking applications.

Compound Blended Oil: Use on sandwiches, salads and in cooking.

Extra Virgin Italian Imported Olive Oil (Bono): A high quality extra virgin olive oil imported from Italy.

Pro Fry Oil Creamy: A fine oil for dishes where frying is desired.

Grated Pecorino Romano Imported 5lb.: Imported grated pecorino romano cheese. Great as a topping for pasta dishes, pizzas and salads.

Roast Red Peppers: A fantastic roasted red pepper with a deep flavoring.

Cheese Wizz Sauce: The one and only, Cheese Wizz. A Philadelphia favorite.

Hamburger: Start your burgers, meatballs and other dishes requiring ground hamburger the right way with our high quality hamburger.

Linquini: High quality flavorful linguini. Please contact us for available quantities.

Cappellini: A very light and thin rod shaped pasta. Our Cappellini pairs well with chicken or seafood.

Fettucini: A ribbon like pasta, our Fettucini is the perfect start for your favorite offering.

Penne Rigate: Please contact us for available quantities.

Ecodali/Rigatoni: Please contact us for available quantities.

Mozza Rigatoni: Please contact us for available quantities.

Spaghetti Ristorante: The classic pasta used as a base in many family style restaurants.

Spaghettini: Slightly thinner than traditional spaghetti. Flavorful and rich.

Turro Steak: Want to make a great Cheesesteak? Start with our Turro Steak and add some Cheese Wizz or our Imported Provolone.

Turro Traditional Yum Yum Steak: Traditional Yum Yum steak provides the classic start for any steak sandwich.

Francesco Mild 10% Marinade: Please contact us for available quantities.

Chicken Steak: A great chicken cheese steak starts with a great chicken steak.

Mozzarella Stix: Delicious breading coats a truly fine mozzarella cheese.

Chicken Fingers: Juicy chicken strips lightly breaded.

Jalapeno Poppers Cream or Cheddar Cheese: Slightly sweet or sharp. The perfect offering on any bar or restaurant menu.

Onion Rings: Succulent onion rings.

French Fries Cavendish: Premium potatoes are hand picked to produce a truly remarkable french fry.

French Fries 3/8 Cut Straight: A perfect compliment to any sandwich platter.

Frozen Chopped Broccoli: Frozen at the peak of flavor.

Frozen Chopped Spinach: Frozen at the peak of flavor.